International Shipments

International Shipments

How to buy from Europe

European regulations do not allow shops in one country to send alcohol to individuals in another member state, but the buyer "CAN" buy in any European country for his own consumption and collect it himself or by transport ordered by him. > Link to the European regulation <

So if I am from a country other than Spain, how can I buy from Licorea? It's very easy:

- Our system will allow you to buy products, where we will leave the order as prepared, and subsequently, you must pick up the package(s) on your own or arrange transport (very easy options are available).

- There are companies that provide this service: COURIERF1, UPS.COM, FedEx. This way, you will also save money on transport.

Steps to follow when buying:

- Add the products to the shopping cart.

- You will see information about weight and dimensions of the package and the cost of the boxes at checkout. (The boxes are specially designed to meet insurance requirements). The cost is calculated in multiples of 1-3-6-12 bottles. The cost only includes certified boxes).

- With this information, you can hire transport companies such as COURIERF1, UPS.COM, FedEx. They will pick up the package and delivery it to you, hassle-free.

- If you wish, you can wait until you receive the "YOUR ORDER IS READY FOR PICK-UP" email order update, for contract transport.

Summary: Order at Licorea, get the parcel weight and dimensions at checkout to contract the transport: for example at That's all! (we will also send you a copy of the parcel information to your email address)

Please watch our video (just 1,25 min):


- Is there a limit to what I can buy?

Each country has a bottle limit. We prepare the bottles in boxes of up to 12 bottles, so you can use companies such as CourierF1, UPS or GLS that even if you pay for the transport of 24 or more bottles, they will make 1 parcel dispatch every 12 bottles, so you will never exceed the limit in a single shipment.

- Can customs stop my shipment?

Not according to European regulations, as you are organizing the transport yourself and buying the bottles for your own use.

- Will the price be higher?

On the contrary, you will save money. Companies such as CourierF1, UPS or FedEx, have better prices than the shops due to their high volume of shipments. They also offer different types of shipping from premium to economic, and you can decide what you need, depending on your purchase.

- There are other shops that do ship directly.

It is possible, but it is illegal and there is a great risk that the package will be stopped by customs in your country and you will be taxed or the package will be destroyed, and you will lose both bottles and your money. Always look at the conditions and fine print of these pages, as they are not responsible for customs problems.

- What if there are problems with shipping?

CourierF1, UPS or FedEx, etc. will be responsible for managing any transport incidents, whilst we will be responsible for any problems with the goods collected. If for example something was not right entered inside the box by mistake. Our service includes images of the assembly and the bottles inside the box, so the whole process is very controlled and always at your disposal.

Depending on the shape of the bottles, your products will be packed in boxes of 1-3-6-12 bottles and insurance-certified interiors:

Boxes used:

Polystyrene Boxes



Air Bags






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Love it Just wish it was available in the UK good enough for the King of Spain's wedding and the Oscars Lunch one to be kept handy...

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Vermouth Vall de Gorgos 5 Liter (Alicante)
Vermouth Vall de Gorgos 5 Liter (Alicante)
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