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Get the full VAT refund of your purchase at Licorea from your mobile with the SmartTax App or at the Airport.

If you are a citizen living outside the European Union, you can recover VAT on your purchase before going back to your country (within 3 months of purchase). You only have to place your order in Licorea from any country of the European Union and we will send it to you with the necessary documentation to recover the taxes, very easy and fast!

How does it work?

- Fill your customer account with all your data and very important: your PASSPORT number.
- Add the products you want to buy (without a minimum) and in "Add Comments About Your Order" write that you buy in "Tax Back" mode and indicate the country of destination outside the European Union.
- We will send you the invoice in your name and the filled form for VAT recovery.
- With the documentation that we will send you, you can be able to validate the purchase in a DIVA terminal, on your mobile phone with the SmartTax App or at the Airport.
- With the smartTax App you can receive the VAT of your purchase immediately, without commissions or waiting. If you prefer, you can also cash it at the Airport.
- Remember that you will only recover VAT on purchased products, not on services such as Shipping Expenses, Gift Paper, etc.
- If in doubt, you can write us or call directly at +34 916 920 959.

Turron - Nougat - Torrone

85-89 W.E.
EUR 15,95
EUR 14,65 (-8%)

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