Available payment methods: Available payment methods:

Available payment methods: 

- Card Payment
- Bizum
- PayPal
- Bank transfer

Secure Card Payment

Licorea offers you the Secure Card Payment System, with which you can make your online purchases with maximum security. All the data provided in the process is encrypted under SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to guarantee the highest security, and cannot be intercepted while it is being transmitted. The screen where the customer enters the card details comes directly from the banking gateway with which Licorea works, Caixa Bank e-Commerce, where the data is received directly.

For this, Licorea has adopted the international VISA security standard, called Verified by VISA, implemented since April 2002 and for Mastercard it is called "MasterCard SecureCode".

Verified by VisaMastercard Secure Code

Click here to access the Verified by VISA page, where you will find more information about this service.

How do Verified By Visa - MasterCard SecureCode systems work?

You must contact your bank office and request the activation of the Secure Payment Service for online purchases (if it is not already active by default). This system consists of a password, a phrase that only you know, a random code sent to your mobile phone, etc. Each bank has its own identification system.

Many banks even allow you to register online without having to go to your office. Check with your bank.

The system starts when you finish selecting the payment method and WITHOUT THE NEED TO PUT YOUR CARD DETAILS ON THE LICOREA WEBSITE, our shop sends you along with your order information directly to the bank's secure gateway for complete the purchase process with your information. By this way, Licorea NEVER knows your card details.



Only available for Spain. The system works as a Card, but you can confirm payment with your phone number and a security password sent to your phone.



Just select this payment method and confirm the delivery address. Quick, easy and commission free.

- Please note that PayPal requires that both the shipping address you set up in Licorea and the one you set up in your PayPal account must be the same, if we receive an order and the addresses are different we are obliged by security standards to cancel your order and remind you that they must be the same addresses. This is a PayPal rule.

- The shipping address selection process in PayPal is simple, from our website you connect with PayPal and our system informs that the shipping address is the one you have configured in Licorea, you just have to accept that address and PayPal will add it to your account for this purchase. That's all!

Bank Transfer

If you select this payment system, after you have completed the purchase process, Licorea will email you with your order and an account number for make a bank transfer. This information includes SWIFT, ACCOUNT Etc. If it doesn't work at your bank transfer, please check information used for payment, it must work.

Once we have verified the payment (it usually takes 2-4 days, not counting weekends or holidays), we will update your order to "Payment Confirmed" and we will email you as soon as the package leaves our establishment to the address you have indicated. 

- The transfer receipts or screenshots of the operation can not be used to send the order, we have to see reflected the entry in the account to update your order to "Payment Confirmed" and proceed with the shipment.





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