Delivery Charges

<h1>Delivery Charges</h1>

In the following paragraph you will find information regarding our shipping and delivery methods.


2.- Shipping Rates to Europe

2.1 Shipping Characteristics

Our thorough experiences in national and international logistics allow us to not only prepare your order efficiently, but also to send it the safest way possible to every country in the European Union.

For international shipping Licorea uses specially designed boxes which have an extra layer of padding due to Styrofoam which provides a high level of security so that your order reaches its destination in perfect conditions. All deliveries outside of Spain will be send in anonymous packages: no logo, symbol or image which could hint at the alcoholic content of the package, in order to ensure and protect your privacy. The boxes are protected in another way; they do not emit noises caused by liquid, glass, friction, etc.

For deliveries within the European Union Licorea uses shipping companies which are specialized in international deliveries.

The boxes for international deliveries have been constructed so that the bottles fit perfectly into the intended spaces, which further secures that the bottles arrive without breakage or cracks. If the bottle comes in some form of carton box or packaging of its own, our staff will remove this carefully fold it and stow it next to the bottles in the package, making sure that you will be able to once again use the carton box upon arrival. If the box is made of metal or another material which does not allow folding, Licorea will inform the client and he can decide how he would like to proceed. We can only guarantee proper delivery if the bottles are send in our Styrofoam boxes. In case of high quality products where the box is part of the value of the bottle we will use special packaging and protection to send them both together.

* In some countries, in case of absence, the shipping company will make a second attempt at delivery, in other countries there will only be one. In either case, if the company is unable to deliver your package they will leave it with your local post office and inform you via phone, email or us to about where to pick up your order. Under no circumstances will the company attempt further deliveries if the number of deliveries which are normal in specific countries has been exceeded.

* In the end, shipping times depend on the shipping companies in your country; therefore, it could be possible that your order is delayed a couple of days; however, this is not the norm.

2.2 Loss or Damage

Your order is 100% insured against damage and loss; some clarification regarding this:

* Licorea checks every package before mailing it; furthermore, we take pictures of every package to have visual backups of the content. Should your order not be complete, please let us know within 12 hours after delivery and we will go back to our pictures to check for manipulations during shipping. Licorea wraps all its packages with a special foil to prevent manipulations; therefore, if you realize that your order is not complete it is essential that you inform us whether or not the foil is still intact. If our visual material shows that the package has been mailed with the complete order we will establish a complaint process due to manipulation by the shipping company; therefore, it is very important that you send us visual material of the package which will be compared with proofs and video footage that the shipping company usually provides.

* It is absolutely necessary that you indicate any form of damage to your package on the delivery note. If you should spot any breakage or cracks after opening the package, please take a picture which clearly shows the product and the package and send them to our email address within 12 hours after delivery, in order for our staff to inform our insurance. Please check the package and its content immediately after arrival, since we cannot accept any form of complaint once the time limit has expired and we will not be able to solve your problem.

* If you receive a bottle without label or a damaged box we are NOT able to establish a complaint process for the insurance company only covers the content of the bottles or in other words is only liable if the bottle is fractured, regardless of label or decoration. Likewise, if the bottle has lost liquid during shipping we will not be able to establish a complaint process, only if it is broken or lost.

* Products which include glasses or other fragile products which are included in a product do not have insurance cover, only the product itself. Therefore, you do not have the possibility to make a complaint if one of those products should break. Licorea wraps those products as best as possible, but our special boxes are only designed for the bottles and not glasses, decanters, etc.

* Ireland: Ireland has different procedure concerning breakage. The insurance company accepts complaints ONLY if they have been indicated in the delivery note. If you receive a package without indicating anything, the insurance company will not take responsibility for later damages nor will they provide any form of compensation. Should you receive a suspicious package with logotypes of the shipping company, opened, damaged, etc. note it down in the delivery note and ALWAYS accept the package, never send it back to the delivery agency or we will not be able to establish a complaint process.

The complaint process can take up to 7 business days because we have to inform our insurance company in Spain which in turn has to get in contact with the insurance company in the destination country, request proofs, etc.

2.3 Information about Shipping to Europe

- Average delivery time is 3-4 Days.
- Average handling time up to 24-36 Hrs
- Licorea provides tracking number at shipping, so you can follow your parcel online. Courier will also mail you directly with tracking information
- We ask you to report possible damages or losses directly to the shipping company giving the tracking number. Since the company does not distinguish between sender and recipient, your complaint can thus be processed faster. It is possible that customs in your country hold your package and demands documents or taxes and it may even be destroyed. Licorea does not take responsibility for any problems concerning this. Keep this in mind.

3.- Shipping to America and Outside of the European Union

We don't serve orders to America right now.

4.- Returns & Cancellation

You are entitled to cancel your order and return the goods within 14 working days from the date of delivery for a full refund. Do this by contacting us by email and quoting the order number supplied to you. Your refund will be paid as soon bottles are received and checked that are in perfect conditions. We will only reimburse the cost of transport items where they were delivered in error or the items were damaged or defective.

Any products must be returned to us in original good condition and in the original packaging.

You are responsible for the cost of returning products to us unless the items being returned were delivered in error or the items were damaged or defective. You are also responsible for insuring all returns as we might claim against you should damages be sustained. We can also help you in this process with our courier partners, the returning cost will be reduced from refund. Take in consideration that returning cost will be different than original cost applied due external services used. Contact as for more information.

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