The Stock of Products in Licorea The Stock of Products in Licorea

Let us explain, first, the current Licorea structure.

Licorea is composed of 3 websites (, and, 2 Physical Shops with their stockrooms, a central warehouse and a commercial team with our own staff for selling and supplying private individuals and professionals in Alicante

Currently, we work with over 3000 references that are sold in the different sales channels: Online shops, Physical Shops and Commercial Team.

We sell 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we distribute to dozens of countries all over the world. In total, we have nearly 50,000 registered customers

In our central warehouse we receive DAILY a big quantity of goods to renovate our stock and, also, new products to be referenced in starting quantities (without any previous demand experience). That is why we cannot put the stock in the product cards, because we do not only sell “online” but the product is “physically” available for being bought through the above-mentioned channels.

At Licorea, we make a very big effort to have enough stocks to provide urgent shipments from day to day. With that aim, we must be ahead of trending products and seasonal products -this process becomes very complicated because of the risk of the overstock as well as the risk of falling short of stock. And all this with the best efforts to get the most interesting prices to be able to offer you the shipment from 11.95€.

When a product exceeds the regular demand, our forecasting is easily exceeded and, then, we have either to replenish stock in short deadlines or to wait to the beforehand planned weekly reception.

Our workmates at the warehouse always notify our customers when there is a lack of product, to offer a solution to you, or even information about the deadlines to get the product again. This communication takes always place from our domains or If you have not received any news from us 12 hours after having placed an order, and the state of your order has not been updated to “Payment confirmed”, please look in your junk e-mail and spam boxes, because your server is very likely to have stored it there. If you do not have any message from us, there is a tickets intern system available for you in your personal control panel (so that the communication does not depend on email servers nor spam filters) and you can use it to contact us. You also have our telephone number +34 96 509 46 97, with Customer Service in English, French and Spanish, to help you with any doubt you can have. Remember that in Licorea you will always find a friendly voice to contact to solve any doubt about your orders. We really value the direct and humane treatment with our customers.

If you want to place an urgent order and you need us to confirm the stock to you, please call us by telephone and we will confirm it to you instantly, but consider that we only reserve orders that have already been paid. If the time margin between the moment when we confirm the stock to you and the moment when you place the order is too long, the stock might suffer modifications or even be exhausted, as we receive many orders every hour.

Thank you for working with us !

Turron - Nougat - Torrone
Mascaró Narciso
Mascaró Narciso
EUR 22,50

Macallan Triple Cask Matured 12 Year Reserve (Highland)
Macallan Triple Cask Matured 12 Year Reserve (Highland)
95 Licorea
EUR 59,90
EUR 54,95 (-8%)

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