Hierbas Ibicencas 2 Glasse's Packcage
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Hierbas Ibicencas 2 Glasse's Packcage

Hierbas Ibicencas 2 Glasse's Packcage

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Destilerías Marí Mayans was founded in 1880 by Juan Marí Mayans. As a lover of aromatic and medicinal plants, and a student of their properties, he developed a clear vocation for the manufacture of drinks and liquers at that time.

It was through this careful collection of formulas and recipes from the past century, and intensive study of the effects and benefits of the island's wild aromatic plants, that Juan Marí Mayans was able to create the wonderful liquers for which Destilerías Marí Mayans is so well known.

Today, his 5th generation heirs continue to keep up the old tradition and craftsmanship, combining them with modern technology to offer these unique and unchanging drinks.

This drink was made by Ibiza's rural population more than 200 years ago. The process of elaboration was very rudimentary and each family had its own recipe, which consisted basically in the maceration of a handful of plants in the interior of a bottle or garafe of anise, so it was a drink for home consumption.

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th Century industrial manufacturers appear who collect and improve the recipe and processing of HIERBAS IBICENCAS. Thus references to it begin to appear in the press and gastronomic comments or publicity. There are also literary references, such as in Vicente Blasco Ibañez's work 'Los muertos mandan', in which the consumption of alcoholic drinks flavoured with aromatic plants, mainly growing wild, is decribed as an ancient custom of the island of Ibiza. Of course, there are constant references to Hierbas in tourist magazines and gastronomic guides to the Pityusas.

This wonderful Ibicencan liquor, distilled from local herbs and plants, is not only the perfect accompaniment to a leisurely evening meal to aid the digestion, it is also rumoured to have wide-reaching healing powers.

The liquor is based on Alcohol flavoured with Aniseed, Thyme, Rosemary, Lemon and Orange peel, and accompanied by many 'secret' ingredients. Legends aside, the healing power of many of the herbs used is already well-documented. Thyme can relieve cough symptoms, whilst Rosemary is excellent against Rheumatism and nerve pains.

It is over a 100 years ago that the family Marí Mayans first started gathering recipes and studying the different effects of herbs and plants, in order to create a product, which in itself has become a brand name - 'Hierbas Ibicencas'.

The distinctive flavour is a blend of the leaves, fruits and / or seeds of 18 plants, which at the very least are an excellent aid to digestion. Accompanying the herbs Rosemary and Thyme, are Juniper berries, Mountain Mint and of course Aniseed. The secret to producing Hierbas of consistently high quality, according to Juan Marí Mayans, is the special treatment of these ingredients, the extraction of only the purest of aromas from each of the plants. Only after each individual extract has been quality-controlled can the mixing process begin.

The alcohol itself is achieved from the distillation of certain Wines and Molasses; Hierbas is 30% proof. Add 160g sugar per litre and top up with de-mineralised water, whose PH value and purity are continually controlled in the Marí Mayans factory.

Size: 70 CL
Alcohol: 26%Vol.

This package includes 2 Glasess

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 15 November, 2007.
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